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Welded Pipe Making Machine​ For Sale

welded pipe making machine china is a series of pipe making that builds longitudinal weld seam pipe with steel strips of certain width. It starts by uncoil and flatten the slit steel coils into steel strips. The flattened steel strips will be inserted into the forming machine and the rollers in the machine will bend the strip to a round pipe shape. The round pipe then be sent into the weld box where the pipe is welded by a high frequency or solid state welder. The welded pipe making machine, be formed to expected shape (round/ square/ rectangle etc) or size in a sizing machine. Finally the pipe will be cut to length and bundled.

We succeeded in developing complete plants with advanced international standards such as H.F. straight welded pipe production line for Φ8-Φ720, multi-functional cold rolled section steel/welded pipe production line LW100-LW2200, slitting line ZJ100-ZJ2200 etc.